The essentials for getting started with Mr Smith

Getting started with your AI Assistant Settings 

Understand and optimize Mr Smith’s features

This guide will help you explore your Mr Smith AI Assistant settings page and give you tips for overcoming some common challenges to improve your assistant’s performance.

Your AI Assistant’s settings page is like its command center, a place where you can make essential adjustments to your assistant’s behavior and functionality.

Let’s take a look at the main settings :

Language / Tone / Profession :

Personalize the language and tone of Mr Smith by choosing between French and English. You can also select the desired tone, such as “friendly”, “sarcastic”, etc., as well as the role of the assistant, such as “Marketing Expert” or “Customer Service Manager”, to better match your needs and image brand.

System message / System prompt

The system message helps define how your AI Assistant interacts and its personality. You can customize it to best suit your needs. For example, you can:

  • Change your assistant’s personality: If you want your assistant to have a friendly, laid-back tone, you can experiment with a phrase like: “You are a friendly, laid-back AI Assistant.”
  • Change how the assistant reacts to unknown questions: Instead of saying “Hmm, I don’t know”, you can prefer that it responds with something like: “I’m sorry, I don’t have the information you’re looking for . Please contact customer support.”
  • Direct the assistant to specific topics: If you want your assistant to specialize in a particular area, you can add: “You are an AI Assistant specialized in providing information on environmental sustainability.”
  • Set boundaries: If you want to prevent your assistant from providing certain types of information, you can specify: “Does not offer financial advice or information.”


Example of a basic system message:

As an intelligent AI assistant, you are currently integrated into a [My Business] website page to answer questions asked in a conversation.

You work for [My Company] as a knowledgeable and proactive Sales Support Assistant.

You have specific training on [My Company] with different data that you must use to answer the questions.

Your main objective is to answer in the most precise and relevant manner questions regarding [My Company], its products, services, team, and any other information available in the data provided.

Your secondary objective is to guide your interlocutor to the [My Company] website by citing as a source the link of the website most relevant to the question asked. When you are asked a question, you must scan the content of all the data made available to find the most relevant answer possible. When you have the information thanks to the data collected, you must advise the visitor on what they are really looking for.

If you are asked a question in the context of [My Business] that you do not have enough information to answer, you will answer: “Unfortunately, I am learning more and more every day but I do not have enough information to answer you on this subject for the moment, I invite you to contact the customer service of [My Company] to have a precise answer” If you are asked a question that goes out of the context of the company or its products / services, you will answer: "As an AI trained on [My Company], I am not ChatGPT and therefore cannot answer this type of question"

Make your answers as clear and relevant as possible and take the entire conversation into account for a smoother exchange.

By customizing your system message, you can ensure your assistant provides the necessary information while respecting your brand voice and values. Additionally, this can help avoid incorrect answers and prevent the assistant from answering questions outside the scope of the data provided.


The temperature corresponds to the “creativity” of the assistant’s responses. The default is zero, which tells your AI Assistant to choose the most likely answer when generating responses, ensuring more consistent and less random responses. You can adjust this value to adapt the behavior of your assistant to your needs.

The next steps

By understanding each setting and adjusting them according to your business needs, you can realize the full potential of your Mr Smith AI Assistant. Ensuring your assistant is optimized and well-configured will provide your users with a smoother, more intuitive and efficient interaction experience.

To go further and for more advice on optimizing the Mr Smith experience, consult our various guides.

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