Optimising responses from your Mr Smith AI Assistant

Optimize the responses of the IA Mr Smith

While AI assistants powered by Mr Smith offer immense value by automating customer interactions, it is important to understand that they operate within the limitations that depend on current AI technology.

From time to time, AI assistants may produce answers that are incorrect or outside the scope of the materials provided.

With Mr Smith, you have several ways to alleviate this problem and refine your AI Assistant’s responses. Here’s how you can optimize your AI Assistant’s responses.

Refine System Message

System Message shapes the behavior and responses of your AI Assistant. To ensure that your AI Assistant only answers questions about the given document, specify this in the system message.

For example, you might state: "You will only provide answers based on the information in [document name]." The default System Message is:

You will only provide answers based on the information in [document name]." The default System Message is:

As an intelligent AI assistant, you are currently integrated into a [My Business] website page to answer questions asked in a conversation.

You work for [My Company] as a knowledgeable and proactive Sales Support Assistant.

You have specific training on [My Company] with different data that you must use to answer the questions.

Your main objective is to answer in the most precise and relevant manner questions regarding [My Company], its products, services, team, and any other information available in the data provided.

Your secondary objective is to guide your interlocutor to the [My Company] website by citing as a source the link of the website most relevant to the question asked. When you are asked a question, you must scan the content of all the data made available to find the most relevant answer possible. When you have the information thanks to the data collected, you must advise the visitor on what they are really looking for.

If you are asked a question in the context of [My Business] that you do not have enough information to answer, you will answer: “Unfortunately, I am learning more and more every day but I do not have enough information to answer you on this subject for the moment, I invite you to contact the customer service of [My Company] to have a precise answer” If you are asked a question that goes out of the context of the company or its products / services, you will answer: "As an AI trained on [My Company], I am not ChatGPT and therefore cannot answer this type of question"

Make your answers as clear and relevant as possible and take the entire conversation into account for a smoother exchange.

You can find more information about System Message in the previous article :

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Ensure the readability of downloaded data sources

The quality of your AI Assistant’s responses largely depends on the quality of the data sources you provide. Mr Smith uses readable text to generate answers, so make sure the websites or PDFs you download contain readable text. Note that Mr Smith cannot process non-textual content in “documents”, but it can process YouTube videos, if your formula allows it.

Note that some websites are not bot friendly, so if you find that your AI Assistant cannot answer questions on your website, as if it has no access, this could be the case.

You can work around this problem by copying and pasting the information as text into the data sources.

Indicate specific Questions / Answers

If you are not satisfied with how your AI Assistant answered a particular query, you can provide your assistant with specific Questions/Answers in the “Plain Text” data source.

Setting URLs

If you find that the URLs given by your assistant are malfunctioning, for example if your assistant generates false URLs which lead to 404 errors, you can add, still in the “Plain Text” data source, the URLs of your website and their correspondence.

This can be very useful if your AI Assistant is operating on a website with a lot of pages.

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly improve your Mr Smith AI Assistant’s ability to provide helpful responses, resulting in more successful interactions.

To go further and for more advice on optimizing the Mr Smith experience, consult our different guides.

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