Integrating your assistant into your website

Integrate your assistant easily

You have an “AI Assistant” section in the application which allows users to test the virtual assistant live. It is a dedicated space where users can interact with the AI ​​assistant and discover its capabilities in real time.

Now we’ll see how to easily integrate it into your website.

In the “Integration” tab you have two lines of code, all you have to do is choose your format and copy and paste these short lines of code directly onto your HTML code.

It’s quick and easy, and you can choose which page(s) you want to put your assistant on.

You will have two format options :

Integration on a dedicated page :

Integration in chat bubble format :

The chat bubble format allows you to integrate the assistant on any page(s) of your site, but if you want to dedicate a page dedicated to your assistant, choose the first option instead.

When you update the configuration of your assistant on the Mr Smith application, the update on your site will be done automatically.

It is essential to note that each file, line of plain text, website link or video link can be added or deleted individually. You have the ability to customize your training database down to the last word, and update it according to your specific needs. This allows you to precisely choose the information made available during interactions with your assistant.

To go further and for more advice on optimizing the Mr Smith experience, consult our different guides.

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