Explore the power and flexibility of the most advanced AI for your business.

Advanced Learning Algorithm

Unmatched accuracy and speed

Thanks to one of the most advanced learning algorithms on the market, Mr Smith learns quickly and accurately, outperforming the competition in terms of responses and relevance.
👉 Up to 10x faster than ChatGPT with responses between 1 and 2 seconds! 👉 Trained to understand product sheets or even complex technical documents, Mr Smith will be able to respond with unprecedented accuracy!

Versatility of input data

Diversity of learning sources

Mr Smith is unique in its ability to adapt and learn from a variety of data formats, making it extremely flexible and effective in different contexts and industries.

👉 Use any type of document: PDF, Word, Excel, csv, plain text…

👉 Have Mr Smith view Youtube videos AUTOMATICALLY

Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

Easy to set up,
easy to deploy

With an intuitive interface, you can quickly configure Mr Smith to reflect the spirit and values of your brand. Give him a character, a job, or anything else you want so he represents your company to best effect.

👉 100% customisable: from your assistant’s character to their profile photo!
👉 Clear, intuitive interface and lots of tutorials!

Multi-channel interaction

Wherever YOUR Customers are

Mr Smith can interact with your customers on your website, via mobile applications, social media platforms and more. This ensures a consistent and omni-present presence for your brand.
👉 Use Mr Smith externally on your website or internally on dedicated pages. 👉 WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Slack, Etsy integrations very quickly available!

Automated Support and Sales

Automate interactions and
increase sales

Whether recommending products, providing technical information or offering support, Mr Smith is equipped to increase the efficiency of your sales and support processes.

👉 Redirect customers to your products that best match demand
👉 Provide links to your content in correlation with customer demand

Security and Compliance

Your data is in good hands

Security isn’t an option, it’s a guarantee. Mr Smith is designed in compliance with the strictest data protection regulations to ensure peace of mind for your business and your customers.

👉 Secure servers in Europe and owned by you and no one else.

👉 Not dependent on Open AI servers, whose data is used to drive the future ChatGPT model

Analytics and Insights

Learning lessons
to improve

Mr Smith isn’t just an AI that answers questions, it continually analyses interactions to provide valuable insights, helping you refine your strategies and better understand your customers.

👉 A dashboard for analysing your assistant’s interactions and conversation history.
👉 Valuable data for analysing your customers’ needs !

Continual Learning and Improvement

AI growing with your business

Mr Smith uses every interaction as a learning opportunity to continuously improve its performance, ensuring an ever richer and more relevant experience for your customers.

👉 Control the ongoing improvement of your assistants

👉 Your assistants learn from interactions with your customers to be as relevant as possible !

Boost your Automatic sales

In today’s fast-moving market, every moment is crucial.

Mr Smith is designed to turn every interaction into a concrete chance to increase your sales. Never let a conversion opportunity go by again and establish an exceptional customer relationship, thanks to unprecedented responsiveness and relevance. 📈

Give Mr Smith the opportunity to transform your customer service and watch your sales grow.


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