Customise your AI assistant in your corporate colours

Create an AI assistant that reflects your business


It is important to be able to personalize your assistant so that it exactly reflects the image of your company that you decide to give it.

You will have an assistant for your colors, who will be able to use the manner and form that you use toaddress your customers

You have access to customization in the “Interface” tab

We will detail the different interests of this tab and its configurable elements:

Initial message :

The initial message is the introductory text that the assistant displays before starting the conversation with users. This is the first message that site visitors will see when interacting with the wizard.

Suggested posts :

Suggested messages are predefined questions that the user can choose to ask the assistant by simply clicking on them. This helps facilitate interactions by giving visitors predefined question options to start the conversation.

Theme :

The theme allows you to choose between a light or dark display for the assistant interface. The light theme is ideal for websites with light colors, while the dark theme is suitable for sites with darker colors.

Change the AI ​​assistant profile picture (suggested format: 160×160) :

This feature allows you to customize the appearance of the AI ​​assistant by replacing the profile picture with an image of your choice. The image is displayed when the chat window is open, giving a more personalized look to the assistant.

Display name :

The display name is the name that site visitors will see when the wizard generates responses. By default this will be the name of the wizard, but you can customize this name to better match your business or desired branding (for example if you want the wizard to have a different name on your site than the one given in your settings)

User message color :

You can choose a custom color for user-generated messages in the wizard interface. This allows user messages to be clearly distinguished from assistant responses and allows you to use your own color codes.

Update chat icon (suggested format: 160×160) :

This feature allows you to customize the chat icon that appears on a corner of the website when the chat bubble is not activated. You can choose a personalized image in 160×160 format to reflect your company’s brand image, or simply your logo.

Align chat bubble button :

The “Align chat button” option allows you to choose the location of the chat button on your website. You can choose between a position at the bottom right or bottom left of the screen, depending on your user interface preferences.

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