Managing your sources and database

Keep your database clean and update

It’s in the tab “Manage sources” that you will have an overview of your AI assistant’s database

Depending on your plan you will have access to 2 to 4 data sourcesdistinct :

  • The Website to give an overall overview
  • Plain Text to detail information
  • Files for precise data in record time
  • Videos enrich its database with audiovisual content

Good management is about navigating between these different data sources to manage your database exactly the way you want.

You can delete unnecessary information and add updates about your business activity whenever you want.

Files :

The “Files” feature allows you to add a variety of files to train your AI assistant. You can import files in docx, csv, pdf, and more, allowing you to customize the workout with data specific to your business.

This flexibility allows the AI ​​to better understand information specific to you and provide more tailored responses.

Raw Text :

The “Plain Text” feature allows your company to directly copy and paste the text you want to use for assistant training. You don’t need to use pre-established instructions, giving you the flexibility to provide specific, targeted data.

This training method allows you to refine the assistant’s expertise in particular areas and better meet your unique needs.

Website :

The “Website” feature provides a simple approach to training the AI ​​assistant. Simply paste the address of the website where you want the assistant to train. The AI ​​automatically crawls all pages of the site, collecting relevant information from online content.

This method allows you to create a virtual assistant who is knowledgeable and capable of answering questions about your business website.

Videos (YouTube) :

The “Videos” feature allows you to provide links to YouTube videos for Mr Smith’s assistant training. By copying and pasting a “public” or “unlisted” link from a YouTube video, the AI ​​transcribes all the audio content of the video, which enriches its database with audiovisual information.

This improves its ability to provide complete and tailored responses to video content.


It is essential to note that each file, line of plain text, website link or video link can be added or deleted individually. You have the ability to customize your training database down to the last word, and update it according to your specific needs. This allows you to precisely choose the information made available during interactions with your assistant.

To go further and for more advice on optimizing the Mr Smith experience, consult our different guides.

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