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Imagine creating an ultra-personalised virtual assistant without touching a single line of code. With Mr Smith, this is your reality. Our revolutionary technology combines the power of ChatGPT with your own data to deliver an unprecedented customer support experience.

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Mr Smith is the ultimate sales tool, turning passive interactions into active conversion opportunities, boosting your revenue.

👉 Increase conversions and reduce cart abandonment

👉 Personalised interactions that encourage purchase

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Your business never sleeps

With Mr Smith, time is no longer an obstacle. Offer non-stop service and support, whatever the time or day.

👉 No waiting time for your customers

👉 Constant service, boosting customer satisfaction and retention

Hyper-Personalised Customer Experience

Every Customer is R.O.I

Stand out from the crowd with exceptional customer service. Mr Smith adapts to each user for a personalised and memorable experience.

👉 Interactions based on user data and preferences

👉 Increased customer loyalty and engagement

Consistency at the cutting edge of AI

Unique Expertise and Accuracy

Benefit from accurate and consistent answers with our advanced AI. Mr Smith surpasses human expertise in reliability and efficiency.

👉 Fast and accurate answers thanks to advanced learning.
👉 Consistency in the quality of support, building trust in your brand.
👉 Ongoing analysis of interactions to constantly fine-tune responses

Absolute Security and Confidentiality

Protect your data as never seen before

Security isn’t an option, it’s a guarantee. With Mr Smith, the confidentiality and protection of your customers’ data is assured.

👉 Strict compliance with data protection regulations
👉 Robust security protocols for total peace of mind

Cost optimisation

Maximise Rentability, Minimise Expenses

Reduce your support and sales costs while improving efficiency. Mr Smith is not just a tool, it’s a strategic investment.
👉 Significant reduction in customer support costs 👉 Improved return on investment through operational efficiency

Constant Innovation and Valuable Insights

Continual Learning for Increased Performance

Mr Smith isn’t static; it’s constantly improving through interaction analysis, providing your business with unique insights into your customers’ needs and preferences.

👉 Continuous improvement from past interactions
👉 Provide analytical data to refine your strategies

Turn Your Data into a Competitive


Be the leader of your sector

Capitalise on your data by transforming it into a competitive tool. Mr Smith, fed by your own information, evolves to convert every interaction into targeted knowledge. Stay one step ahead with an assistant that adapts, learns and surpasses.

👉 Strategic use of data for more relevant interactions

👉 Competitive advantage thanks to an evolving and informed customer service


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Find out more about your
future Personal Assistant !

Mr Smith is a French artificial intelligence programmer, it trains ChatGPT, as it were, on your data and allows you to add a virtual assistant trained on your business to your website. We simply integrate your AI into your website via two lines of code and you get an assistant that can answer any questions about your business, and encourage people to buy your products.
You can send us one or more files (.pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx, xls, xlsx, csv, youtube videos), paste in some text and add a link from your website to be analysed to form your unique database. These documents must be relevant to your business and can take the form of press reviews, processes, sales brochures, sales scripts, etc.
Yes, we can modify the basic programming and give your virtual assistant a name, personality traits and instructions on how to answer questions, so that it responds in line with your company’s values, and even reproduces the way you express yourself to your customers.

The contents of your database are stored on our private servers in France, and none of your data will be publicly available! They will remain private within your database, and will only be accessible via your virtual assistant.

By default, your virtual assistant uses ChatGPT version gpt-3.5-turbo.
We’ll integrate your virtual assistant into your website as soon as you’ve validated it, because of course we’ll let you test it first! We’ll use 2 lines of code to install it on your site and before integration you’ll have access to an interface where you can monitor and test your virtual assistant.
Yes, Mr Smith’s artificial intelligence for professionals supports around 95 languages. You can have your data written in any language and ask it questions in any language, and it will respond in the language appropriate to the request.