Mr Smith advanced settings guide

Guide to advanced settings Mr Smith

We will detail in this guide the benefit of configuring other application parameters, for general parameters, seeThe essentials to get started with Mr Smith

Visibility :

Choose from three options:

“Private” : No one other than you (your account) can access your AI assistant

“Private, but can be embedded on a website” : Other people can’t access your AI assistant if you send them the link, but you can still embed it on your website and your site visitors will be able to use it. (make sure to define your domains)

“Public”: Set to “public” if you want to be able to send a link of your AI assistant to someone to try.

Areas :

Enter each domain in which you want to integrate your AI assistant, on a new line each time you enter.

Frequency limitation :

Limit the number of messages sent from a single device to your Mr Smith AI assistant.

Important: This limit will not apply to you on, only on your website for your users to prevent abuse.

Show this message when the limit is reached :

Customize the message to display to users when the frequency limit is reached. This allows for seamless communication with users when the assistant is temporarily unavailable.

Add context :

When enabled, Mr Smith will repeat a specific context before generating each response. This can be useful for keeping the AI ​​informed of the current context of the conversation, especially during longer or complex dialogues.

Memorize the conversation :

Activate this function to allow Mr Smith to remember past exchanges with a user throughout the conversation. This ensures continuity in the discussion and more coherent and personalized responses.

Number of conversations to memorize :

Set the maximum number of conversations Mr Smith should memorize. You can adjust this value based on your privacy and performance preferences.

Add sources :

By activating this option, Mr Smith will indicate at the end of his answers the sources where he found the information. If the information comes from a website, the wizard will provide a link to this page to allow users to check the sources.

Model :

Two language generation models are available: Gpt-3.5 or GPT4, the model will be defined according to the subscription chosen by the user. The model used will influence the performance and quality of the answers provided by Mr Smith.

Other settings :

Define some advanced settings for Mr Smith, including the maximum number of tokens allowed per answer, the “best of” and the “Top P”, which are selection techniques to improve the quality of the answers generated, you will also have access to a score of the different responses generated to measure quality.

Frequency penalty :

Use this option to penalize the frequency of occurrence of certain responses. This helps prevent Mr Smith from repeating the same information too often.

Presence penalty :

Determine a penalty for words and phrases that should be avoided in answers generated by Mr. Smith. This makes it possible to control the presence of certain sensitive or unwanted content.

With these additional configuration elements, you can create an intelligent virtual assistant, Mr Smith, that will respond in a personalized way to the needs of your business and your users. Explore the different options to optimize performance and provide a unique and engaging user experience.

To go further and for more advice on optimizing the Mr Smith experience, consult our different guides.

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