Integrating your assistant into your website

Integrate your assistant easily You have an “AI Assistant” section in the application which allows users to test the virtual assistant live. It is a dedicated space where users can interact with the AI ​​assistant and discover its capabilities in real time. Now we’ll see how to easily integrate it into your website. In the […]

Managing your sources and database

Keep your database clean and update It’s in the tab “Manage sources” that you will have an overview of your AI assistant’s database Depending on your plan you will have access to 2 to 4 data sourcesdistinct : Good management is about navigating between these different data sources to manage your database exactly the way […]

Customise your AI assistant in your corporate colours

Create an AI assistant that reflects your business   It is important to be able to personalize your assistant so that it exactly reflects the image of your company that you decide to give it. You will have an assistant for your colors, who will be able to use the manner and form that you […]

Optimising responses from your Mr Smith AI Assistant

Optimize the responses of the IA Mr Smith While AI assistants powered by Mr Smith offer immense value by automating customer interactions, it is important to understand that they operate within the limitations that depend on current AI technology. From time to time, AI assistants may produce answers that are incorrect or outside the scope […]

Mr Smith advanced settings guide

Guide to advanced settings Mr Smith We will detail in this guide the benefit of configuring other application parameters, for general parameters, see “The essentials to get started with Mr Smith” Visibility : Choose from three options: “Private” : No one other than you (your account) can access your AI assistant “Private, but can be […]

The essentials for getting started with Mr Smith

Getting started with your AI Assistant Settings  Understand and optimize Mr Smith’s features This guide will help you explore your Mr Smith AI Assistant settings page and give you tips for overcoming some common challenges to improve your assistant’s performance. Your AI Assistant’s settings page is like its command center, a place where you can […]